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Details on rounds

Round 1: Think outside the Bin !

First round deals with idea generation stage. The contestants are required to generate and select an idea which they would take it forward to make a particular area of marketing filth-free!

The following fields of Marketing are given to the contestants to choose critical ‘filth’ they prioritize to clean

  • Advertising
  • Products
  • Customer Service and CRM
  • E-Commerce
Please refer to the Illustration below for further clarification.

Sales Force Management is one such area of Marketing where one can identify and remove ‘filth’. The ‘filth’ may exist in

  • Sales persons achieving targets by adapting unethical means
    Ex : Sales Person selling in colleagues’ territories
  • Excess and illogical pressure by Sales Manager on his front-line team members
    Ex : Sales Manager threatening to sack front-line team members if they don’t achieve monthly targets
  • False Commitments to distributors and retailers by sales people
    Ex: Sales Persons giving false commitments and promises of schemes to retailers to push products

Round 2: Just Make it !

Second round deals with developing new product / service / systems / processes which would help achieve the idea presented in Round 1. (The product / process would need to be validated at this round to make a meaningful attempt at bringing about change at a larger level).

Round 3: It’s time to Fly !

This round deals with execution and promotion of the product / service / systems / processes and makes it accepted and adapted by stakeholders. The contestants are needed to identify the target audience, creating marketing strategy and design promotional tools to propagate the idea.

Marketing Summit
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Round 1: “UR HR – Your Thoughts”

Cleanse the HR systems in your organization in the following HR Domains

  • Labour Law
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Grievance Handling
Participants are expected to
  • Present using a brief PPT
  • Explain its contribution to Employer Branding
  • Illustrate future perspective
Round 2: Organizational Politics

Your organization is full of political currents, which has brought performance as a concern for management

As a HR Manager, give 5 HR strategies to cleanse the organization climate

Participants are expected to:

  • Present the implementation on a canvas
  • Demonstrate the improvement in organizational performance due to positive politics
  • Use & abuse of hierarchical politics in organization
Round 3 : Swachh HR in Action (Role Play)

Enact a role play to demonstrate removal of nepotism in HR functional areas like selection, performance management, promotion, compensation & benefits

Participants are expected to

  • Identify an HR functional area
  • Explain how this is a value add to the company
  • Formulate strategies to implement the same

HR Summit
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Round 1: Citizens’ CFO

The task is to come out with an action plan helping the ‘aam-admi’ in the context of finance scams and frenzy schemes. The contestants are required to explore, generate and propose a framework to liberate the common man from the clutches of the unscrupulous Chits, Money Circulation Schemes and misselling of financial products.

The participants are expected to:

Give a brief account of a recent fraud case
Finding the causes (What went wrong )
Prescribe a remedial course

Round 2: Corporate CFO

In Round two, the participants will wear the hat of the corporate CFO. Unfortunately corporate scams have been rampant in recent times leading to investor’s confidence being shaken , and the taxpayers money being wasted in bailing out the mucky corporate balance sheets.

The participants are expected to:

Give a brief of a corporate scam (any one)
Propose the ERM and specify the role of CFO
Draw up the eco system to detect and prevent frauds

Round 3: India CFO

There is devil in the data published by the authorities – be it government, autonomous or private organizations. Thanks to black money and grey market operations, India’s published GDP accounts to merely one-third of the actual output of the economy. As a consequence, there is understatement of the Union Budget. The clutter in the public finance must be fixed.

The participants are expected to:

  • Discuss the modus operandi of eliminating black money, hawala and the grey market
  • Propose the road map for cleansing the economy
  • Deliberate over the Role of government and public

Finance Summit
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