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CMS Business School is proud to present “CMS Summit 2015”. A three day Summit in the field of management in the areas of Marketing, Finance and Human Resources. The event explores the concept of ‘The Swacch Bharat’ (Clean India) with emphasis on its adaptation. It aims to extend the meaning of ‘swachhta’ or cleanliness beyond the obvious like hygiene or sanitation. The summit is looking for ideas that can be implemented in our daily routines, and thus have a more real-time view.

The session is led by experts, who will discuss ground breaking innovations and possible concrete steps to make significant improvements towards thought and action. The Gurus will seek to share insights on collaboration in order to rethink the concept.

The summit is designed as follows:

  • ‘Swachh Marketing’ concept is being extended by the Marketing concentration to various areas right from concept development to product generation and execution of various tools and strategy
  • Swachh Vitta’ presented by the Finance concentration looks into the aspects of corporate frauds, Money Laundering and creative accounting to bring about a cleaner image of finances in a smaller as well as a larger role
  • ‘Swachh HR’ by the Human Resource Department is an exploration into the field of promoting healthier HR Practices that in turn bring about a sense of parity. A discussion on opportunities that bring talent to the forefront

The interactive discussion with the speakers and experts is followed by a Competition where the students attempt to pursue a creative action dedicated to explore their chosen field of Management. The activity is judged by Management practitioners to gauge the attendees’ ideas towards collaboration on efficient practices and challenges that are encountered in the path of Swachhta. The winners in each category are awarded laurels.

January 16, 17 & 19, 2015