Career Support

Orientation Seminars

The Placement Office has identified the need for Industry interaction with students with the specific purpose of creating awareness and knowledge about various Career options and Job roles. Keeping this objective in mind, the Placement Office has created a banner called “Coffee par Charcha”, where industry experts are invited to campus to discuss career option in specific industries or specific areas.
The format of these sessions has been uniquely curated and the banner’s brand name has been chosen as “Coffee par Charcha” due to the format. The prescribed format is to have the industry expert in conversation with a student of CMS Business School in a unique ‘coffee table setting’ while the audience of students and faculty watches on.

Date Guest Report
21-Oct-2019 Raja Peter Click here»
10-Jan-2020 Dr.Shivakumar Click here»

Career Management Centre – Individual consultation
To provide career consulting and facilitate better collaboration between Academics and the Placements Office, the Director of the Business school has created the role of a Faculty Chair for Placements and Faculty Advisors. The Faculty Chair for Placements is nominated by the B-School’s Director and Dean.
Each functional Area Chair nominates a faculty from their area as a Placement Faculty Advisor. The role of Placement Faculty Advisors includes:

Providing guidance and career advice to students
Support with providing appropriate training programs for specific job roles or company.
Support the Placement Office with getting suitable candidates to register for an opportunity.