Best MBA College With Good Campus Facilities

Wi-Fi enabled campus

The CMS Business School campus is wireless fidelity (Wi Fi) enabled, with an excellent internet speed. Students on the campus can access internet from anywhere using their wireless devices. At the same time, exclusive browsing centres in the library and the lab allow access to students not carrying portable devices.


The cafeteria at the CMS Business School is a hub of student activity, social - exchange and youthful energy. Bustling with social life, it is also a place where students exchange crucial ideas, pool in effort and strategise on everyday activities. It serves as a place for diverse interests, from brainstorming for competitions to relishing a hot cup of coffee.

Computer Lab

CMS Business School provides a comprehensive computer based service in the Computer Lab with high speed internet access, and a wide range of specialist applications to support study programs.


The 300-seater auditorium is well equipped with modern acoustics and state-of-the-art facilities to conduct seminars, corporate events, student activities and general announcements for the students.

Mini Auditorium

A 100-seater mini auditorium offers similar facilities such as modern acoustics, multimedia and comfortable seating. The CMS Business School has an air - conditioned, built-in theatre style seminar hall which is frequently used by faculty and students in conducting seminars, student club activities & recruitment exercises.

Seminar Hall

The CMS Business School has an air-conditioned, built-in theatre style seminar hall which is frequently used by faculty and students in conducting seminars, student club activities & recruitment exercises.

Technology enabled Classrooms

The altar of learning has always been the classroom but the classrooms at CMS Business School are a whole new world of discovery, equipped with high tech facilities like high speed internet connectivity and eco friendly air conditioning.

Hostel Accommodation

The Hostel is more than a home. They are extensions of the business school learning space. Wi-Fi enabled, with twin-sharing rooms and equipped to serve good quality food, the hostels are excellent living spaces for both girls and boys. The hostel complements the peer learning approach of CMS Business School.


The library is at the centre of academic life and provides access to the information needed to support the rigorous demands of a top tier business school. A team of subject specialist librarians and other trained staff provide a wide range of services to support the information needs and help students make the most of the resources available. JU - CMS Business School has collaborated with InLingua the world’s largest Foreign Language Training Institute to offer subsidised foreign language classes. Currently the JU - CMS Business School language cell is offering Spanish, French, German & Mandrin. It is envisaged that every CMS protégé will learn at least 2 foreign languages by the time he / she completes the regular programs.

CMS Business School Alma Connect

The Alumni Network is envisaged as a forum for alumni to interact with each other and share their experiences / views and explore opportunities through which they can benefit from their peers. The network will also enable the alumni to keep the spirit alive by providing a platform for interacting and interfacing with fellow students and also with their almamater.