MBA Admissions in Bangalore, India
Bridge Course for MBA

At the start of the MBA program, before commencement of the First semester, students undergo Bridge Courses in Accounting, Statistics and Principles of Management. Each Bridge Course carries one credit.

The Course on Accounting serves the purpose of securing a footing for students with a non-accounting background and introduces them to the basic building blocks of accounting. Students with an accounting background are enabled to strengthen their basics. The course on Statistics is designed to prepare students for high-level performance in different courses requiring Quantitative applications and analytical skills. The course on Principles of Management introduces the students to the principles that will allow the student to effectively and efficiently work with and through others in an organization. The principles empower the student to lead others, negotiate, embrace change and better understand the role of business and ethics in society.

Throughout the Pre - Term there is emphasis on Leadership development. The accelerated learning experience during the
Pre-Term puts students on the fast track to leadership. A slew of workshops and seminars culminate in an Outbound Activity, a thrilling experience focusing on Team Building Activities and Bonding. Experiential learning through NLP, Rappelling, Trekking and other high-octane exercises achieve wonderful results for students. The Leadership development program carries one credit.

In addition the students complete a mentor supervised Pre - Term Project and a Book Report. A total of six credits is earned by students through the bridge courses and other Pre - Term activities.