MBA Admissions in Bangalore, India
Corporate Lab Hours

At the end of the General Management program of the first semester, students will actually work hands on in corporate enterprises during the Corporate Lab hours program.

The “Corporate Lab Hour program” duly backed by a strong mentoring program exposes the student to business functions / processes and the organisational dynamics involved in realising corporate goals.

CMS Business School collaborates with Corporate enterprises in defining the following expectations:

The student should intern with a company during his Corporate Lab Hours, undertake projects, perform activities identified by the company and assist the organisation in its functions
The student is expected to function as a professional and comply with the policies, rules and procedures of the organisation and the Institute

These Corporate lab hours activities are preceded by a comprehensive study of the environmental settings of industry.
At the end of the corporate lab hours organisation study, the student commences studies in his chosen concentration from the 2nd semester onwards.