MBA Programs

CMS Business School offers not just an MBA, but an MBA Inc. It is different from the MBA offered by other Institutes. It is a commitment given by Jain University, the No.1 Private University in Southern India to transforrm the student into a "ready to perform" professional.

The business world is everchanging. Potential managers will need to be adaptable, creative, and also to manage scarcity and complexity to maximize competitive advantage. They also need to know how to manage and implement innovation to drive businesses forward.

Most of the MBA programs offer a strong foundation in the building blocks of organizational management, people management skills, funds and resources, but CMS Business School goes one step ahead and helps to build a strong focus on enterprise, innovation and practical application.

That’s why our MBA program is embedded with an approach to management decision making that recognizes and addresses the issues of tomorrow: managing scarcity; sustainability and alternate forms of ownership and governance provided through social enterprises and mutuals.

CMS Business School offers the following programs:

MBA Single Specialization Programs

MBA Dual Specialization Programs

International Program