Research - Leads

Research - Leads is the Research wing of CMS Business School, Jain University mandated to facilitate high quality research in the Management discipline.  The wing shall provide the following facilities to the members of “Research - Leads”. 

  1. Bank of potential research topics available online
  2. Access to the globally renowned EBSCO Elite - Online database of Management journals
  3. Access to the CMIE – Prowess online Database
  4. Access to the CMIE – States online Database
  5. Access to several high quality hard copies of journals
  6. Each member is provided with two library cards
  7. Access to CRISIL Industry Reports
  8. Access to bound volumes of previous research journals
  9. Access to a high quality Research Library
  10. “Online Web OPAC” will enable search for books and journals even from the comfort of scholars’ homes through internet.

Membership is free and open to research scholars who are faculty of Jain University or pursuing their Ph.D. in Jain University.  Blank application forms are available with the Chief Librarian, CMS Business School - Jain University.


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