MBA Admissions in Bangalore, India

Session on Entrepreneurship by Prof. NVH Krishnan and Mr. Nayaz Ahmed

3 August 2017

As a part of Convergence - the Orientation Programme of MBA Batch 2017-19, students attended the session on "Entrepreneurship" which was conducted by Prof. NVH Krishnan, Registrar, Jain University, Director and CEO of Technology Business Incubator and Mr. Nayaz Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer at Jain University Incubation Centre.

Prof. Krishnan enlightened the students on the increasing significance and visible impact of entrepreneurship in wealth creation and employment generation. During the session, he said that the present-day is the best time to begin with entrepreneurship.

Emphasizing on the importance of entrepreneurship, he explained the role of the entrepreneur in job creation and thereby having a positive impact on economy and society. Prof. Krishnan also shared his vast experience and knowledge with the students.

Another guest speaker, Mr. Nayaz Ahmed, while addressing the students spoke about Jain University Incubation Centre which helps entrepreneurs to incubate technological ideas or technologies under development to enable them to target the marketplace of choice. In his talk, he also said that JUIC focuses on both innovation and entrepreneurship leveraging all the resources available in the campus such as laboratory, workshops, development and testing centre, computing resources and above all highly experienced human resources towards setting up a business.

The students felt delighted after attending a very informative session.