CMS Business School UID

Each CMS B School student is given a “unique identification card” viz., “The CMS B School UID” The card that provides access to the following resources, besides serving as an ID card

EBSCO, USA - Online Journal database

EBSCO host databases and discovery technologies are the most-used, premium online information resources by institutions like IIMs, universities in USA and in Europe representing millions of end-users


Prowess is a database of large and medium Indian firms used in leading institutions like IIM-Ahmedabad. It contains detailed information on over 26,000 firms, these comprise

Economic Intelligence Service of CMIE

The Economic Intelligence Service of CMIE is used by IIM-A and MDI etc. It is designed to present an analytical macroeconomic view of the Indian economy. At the core of this service is the Monthly Review of the Indian Economy, which provides a clear integrated view of where the Indian economy stands today and where it is likely to head.

Research Leads

Research - Leads is the Research wing of CMS Business School mandated to facilitate high quality research in the Management discipline. The wing provides the following facilities:

Sports @ CMS B School

When you come to Jain University you will have the ideal opportunity to get involved in sports. At Jain Global Campus, around 160 acres are devoted to sports. In addition to football and hockey pitches, we have tennis courts, a six hole golf course and a well-designed international standard cricket ground with 5 strips of turf wicket to host any international or national level cricket match. We also have 10 practice pitches (07 turfs & 03 cement) and nets for training.

CMS Alma Connect

Alumni are connected to their alma mater through the CMS Alma Connect. The Alma Connect connects alumni & institutes through its research based platform that brings institutes, alumni, students and faculty on the same platform and drives them into a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

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