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Blogs For the Year of 2022

15 Dec 2022
MBA in Marketing and its Career Opportunities

Are you planning to pursue an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree in management? Are you curious to know about the potential career opportunities after an MBA in marketing?

In short, a Master of Business Administration degree in marketing revolves around marketing or promoting a business’s product(s) or service(s), ranging from hardware to consumable products. The goal of an MBA professional in this field should be to reach as many potential customers (both domestic and international) as possible through thoughtful marketing campaigns.

If you want to attract excellent opportunities as an MBA candidate in marketing, you have to prove your marketing and communication skills to employers. In addition, it is also a must to stay updated with current market trends, marketing strategies, and potential customers. In other words, you need to show that you have adequate marketing skills to sell products or services to target customers.

Career Opportunities for Candidates with MBA in Marketing
Once you have achieved an MBA degree in marketing with flying colors, you can expect to get an array of excellent career opportunities. Nonetheless, you need to shortlist options based on your interests, skills, preferences, and career prospects.

Did you know MBA in marketing has been attracting more and more opportunities in today’s market? Needless to say, marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of a business when it comes to boosting sales and generating more and more revenue. That is why the demand for competent and skilled marketing professionals is on the rise.

If you are capable of expanding and increasing the reach of a business, then you can expect more and more golden opportunities throughout your career as an MBA professional in marketing.

Moreover, large organizations expect MBA candidates to have exceptional research skills, problem-solving attitudes, goal-oriented strategies, and business awareness. That is why you should leave no stone unturned to hone and keep improving your skills to get an edge over other candidates.

As an MBA candidate in marketing, you can apply for jobs in diverse organizations, such as marketing companies, advertising organizations, and many other businesses.

What about the Salary Package?
A competent MBA candidate in marketing can expect to get a high-paying job based on their skills, expertise, and experience. What is the average salary of a freshly-graduated MBA student in marketing? The answer is 4 to 6 Lakhs per annum.

Moreover, an MBA graduate (fresher) in marketing from top business schools (B-schools) starts from 3 Lakhs and goes up to 15 Lakhs per annum. Needless to say, when you start acquiring experiences in your professional journey while learning more and more top-notch skills, you can expect promotions with an increased salary package in your career.

Wrapping Up
If you are interested in interacting with people through marketing strategies in your career, then MBA in marketing can be an ideal solution for you. Try to stay updated as much as possible to stay ahead of your competition. You may also reach out to a career counsellor to resolve your queries (if any).

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05 Dec 2022
Easy Ways in Which MBA Specializations Can Be Chosen Effectively

Are you looking for ways through which you can opt for your MBA specialization with ease? Then, this post is for you! Many students wish to pursue their careers in the domain of business, so they choose to study MBA or Master of Business Administration.

In other words, an MBA degree leaves no stone unturned to help students build fulfilling and sustainable careers. However, the diversity of specializations in Master of Business Administration leaves the majority of candidates confused about their preferences. Don’t worry! There are strategies to help you choose your MBA specialization so that you can attract more and more opportunities in your professional career in the upcoming years.

How to Choose MBA Specialization? Some Effective Strategies

Analyze Your Academic Interests:
When it comes to opting for the most appropriate MBA specialization, you need to analyze and find out your academic penchant. Note that you have to be clear about your goals before pursuing an MBA degree. Do not forget to evaluate your academic interest and passion in the domain of management.

Whether you would like to achieve your MBA degree in Business Analytics, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, or Digital Management, you need to have a clear understanding of your future professional goals. Thus, you can expect to select your MBA specialization with ease.

Emphasize “Empowerment” Factors:
Note that the specialization that you are going to choose needs to be empowering. You should follow your instincts when it comes to opting for an MBA institute. It is crucial to shortlist an institute, which is known to empower learners in terms of academic performance, personal growth, and extracurricular activities. In other words, an MBA institution and specialization need to be chosen based on adequate research and follow-up.

Real-World Exposure:
You already know that you need to listen to your instincts and follow your passion as well as interests in times of choosing your MBA specialization. However, it is a must to opt for a specialization that can ensure real-world exposure for students.

It is a must to make sure of the all-round development of MBA candidates so that they can take up their job responsibilities with perfection. Thus, not only can you empower your career academically but also can soar high in your profession in the upcoming years.

Stay updated with the Latest Management Trends:
Do not forget to check out the latest management trends before finalizing your decision regarding your MBA specialization. It would be better for your career if your selection comes with adequate research opportunities. For instance, new-age or trending specializations attract incredible scopes for students once they complete the program.

Wrapping Up
Choosing an MBA specialization is a crucial decision, which would determine your future career opportunities and growth factors. Therefore, if you think you need more clarity regarding your decision, get in touch with a reliable career counsellor. Do not forget to check out all the options regarding MBA specializations. Hence, what are you waiting for? It is high time to select your option and embark on an exciting journey.

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22 Nov 2022
How to Get Admission to the Right College for an MBA in Sports Management Program

Would you like to pursue a career as an MBA degree holder in the sports management program? If yes, then you need to be familiar with eligibility criteria, prerequisites, and all other aspects associated with admission to one of the best-in-class MBA institutions in the sports management program.

How to qualify for admission to MBA in Sports Management?
If you want to enrol in an MBA institution to complete a sports management program, then you need to obtain the cut-off mark or more in a specific entrance examination. In other words, you have to prove your merit and competency to get the opportunity to pursue your dream career in this career.

Different types of qualifying examinations, such as CAT, MAT, and CMAT, are available to enable candidates to succeed in pursuing MBA in the sports management program. Note that the course fee starts from INR 50,000 and goes up to INR 5 LPA. Therefore, it is also a must to check the fee structures of both the curriculum and the accommodation (if applicable) before applying for a specific MBA college.

MBA in Sports Management: A Brief Discussion
What can you expect to learn throughout the journey of achieving an MBA degree in the sports management program? In short, the MBA curriculum makes students familiar with the strategy, organization, budget, control, and so on to direct a sports team or various types of sports events. This field is most suitable for candidates who are enthusiastic to be a part of the field of sports as well as are interested in acquiring the knowledge and expertise of management.

What is the Admission Process for an MBA in Sports Management?
You already know that merit is the key to getting the opportunity of pursuing an MBA degree in sports management. That means you have to show your worth in qualifying examinations by obtaining a qualifying score.

Moreover, a myriad of top-notch MBA colleges also arranges group discussions and personal interview sessions to evaluate the aptitude of students. It is time to talk about the step-by-step process of the admission procedure for an MBA in sports management:

You can apply either online or offline for MBA in sports management. You would be updated with the admission dates, selection of students, and counselling procedure via email.

On the other hand, the official websites of MBA college institutions also come with all the necessary information regarding the admission procedure.

To pursue a career in MBA in sports management, you have to complete a Bachelor’s degree (3 years) in any applicable discipline. Moreover, you need to score 50% or above from an affiliated university.

You also have to crack an MBA entrance examination to get the opportunity for admission to your dream MBA institution.
Some institutions organize their own qualifying test before the enrollment process. In addition, group discussions and personal interview sessions are also conducted by some MBA colleges to test the competence of the candidates.

Note that MBA in sports management online is not widely available in India. Nonetheless, you can achieve your degree online through one of the MBA institutions abroad.

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08 Nov 2022
How Can I Write An Attractive Resume For My MBA Application

A well-rounded resume plays a vital role in getting admission into the top business schools for pursuing the MBA, or Master of Business Administration. Providing a quick snapshot of your persona and experience, your resume creates the very first impression on the admission authorities and becomes a major deciding factor for your admission.

Though, both the MBA application resume and the common professional resume explain qualifications and experience, the difference mainly lies in the purpose of the content. The MBA application resume should summarize the applicant’s relevant experience, business skills and quantifiable results as well.

If you want your MBA application resume to stand out, ensure following the tips mentioned below.

How to Write a Captivating MBA Application Resume
Spend words wisely
Make sure to use short sentences instead of longer ones. Keeping your content brief and crisp will help you explain your resume in a better way. Choose words wisely and stick to the mantra of ‘word economy’!

Start with recent achievements, experience & activities
Follow the chronological structure in your resume. That is, always mention your current qualification and experience first. Also, sort out content and choose to write only what is relevant, impressive and unique.

Highlight your impact instead of responsibilities or duties
Instead of simply mentioning about your skills, quality, or experience, talk what positive impact or outcome you achieved for a company or organization. In case, you are a fresh graduate and do not have any work experience, mention qualities or skills that can be put to use in the business management field. The same is explained in the point hereafter.

Show your leadership qualities & business skills
The business world demands and prefers candidates who have the right set of skills needed for business management. Hence, showcase your skills that align with this purpose. Be it your effective negotiation skills, research skills, financial management, leadership qualities or organizational competencies, presenting the apt skill set for the management domain will definitely make your resume stand out.

Emphasize unique and relevant traits
It is quite obvious to understand that just like you many other candidates will also apply for top business schools. Hence, what makes the actual difference is creating a unique MBA application resume that stands out from other applicants. Talking about experiences or traits that are relevant as well as unique will definitely catch the attention of the admission board or recruitment authorities.

Do not use any cliché or jargon
Avoid using jargon or cliché anywhere in your resume. Using jargon or cliché not only confuses the concerned authority but also makes a bad impression. Instead, stay straightforward and present your info and experience in a meaningful manner.

Wrapping Up
There is no doubt that one can expect the desired results by implementing all the above tips in his or her MBA application resume. Nonetheless, you can also take the help of professional resume writers who will create an impressive resume according to your expectation.

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31 Oct 2022
Why IT Professionals Are Switching To MBA Programs?

Nowadays, most IT professionals can be noticed switching to MBA programmes. The MBA or the Master of Business Administration is a rewarding and revered postgraduate programme that provides knowledge on best business concepts as well as practices. The MBA degree is extremely valued by employers and various professionals can certainly excel in their careers by acquiring this degree. Especially, the combination of IT and an MBA offers bright career prospects along with a wealth of benefits.

If you are an IT professional planning to pursue MBA, you must know how earning this degree will help you create your mark in the competitive business world while simultaneously promising a rewarding career. Hence, get ready to glance at the key reasons why IT professionals are inclined toward MBA!

Offers easy & smooth career switching
If you are not happy with your current position and want to try your hands and luck in a new domain, pursuing MBA will help you make a smooth and easy career switch. It will not only break your monotony of working as an IT professional but will also help you move up in the hierarchy of any organization or company.

Gives the launchpad to embark entrepreneurship journey
As mentioned earlier, MBA is about learning and mastering business concepts, strategies, management, and various other details of business and management. Be it the knowledge of financial management, marketing approaches, or more, pursuing MBA will help you start your own business by giving you the right launchpad backed up with solid knowledge.

Helps transform your unique products into business ventures
While your IT degree equips you with all the technical knowledge and computer skills needed in the modern age, the added degree of MBA gifts essential business knowledge and the ability and information to craft important marketing strategies so that you do not only invent and create exclusive products but also transform them into a successful business.

Offers a wealth of skills
MBA is a degree that teaches a lot more than sheer business management. Pursuing MBA helps you learn skills that prove advantageous in every career domain. MBA makes you learn:

  • The essential skills to become a leader
  • How to manage and convince people
  • How to develop & promote products/services
  • How to create and expand networks
  • How to tackle tough financial conditions
  • How to build a strong company repo
  • How to collect, manage and analyse data and reports
  • How to make decisions in challenging situations

Gives a competitive edge
Most importantly, IT plus MBA is the most in-demand combination of degrees sought after by maximum employers these days. In other words, it offers a unique mix of technical knowledge and business management skills and helps candidates get a competitive edge over others.

Wrapping Up
From landing significant management positions to delightful salary packages, the global popularity and acceptance of an MBA degree along with an IT background ensure a rewarding career for young professionals who want to switch from conventional IT jobs and enter into the incredible business world with immense opportunities.

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10 Oct 2022
Key Challenges Faced By MBA Students - How To Overcome?

A Brief Introduction : Whether you are considering pursuing an MBA degree or have already enrolled in a business school, knowing about the potential challenges on your way would help you prepare better. In short, the two years of an MBA curriculum are going to change your life for the better.

That is why apart from going through admission-related articles or interviews, emphasizing GMAT scores, or knowing about potential post-MBA opportunities, you need to realize the importance of the correct mindset and attitude throughout your MBA journey.

Note that some situations during your business school journey may seem to be challenging to you. Needless to say, all these challenges are just opportunities to gain new experiences and take your knowledge, skills, and expertise to the next level. In addition, challenges associated with the life of an MBA student help them to boost their networking skills and to attract more and more career prospects.

Some Key Challenges experienced by MBA Students

  • Learning from fellow students:
    It seems easier to hear, but the execution may seem to be daunting from time to time. As an MBA student, you have to be open-minded and full of curiosity to gain knowledge from others. Do not hesitate to share your feedback or opinion wherever relevant.

    In addition, keep yourself engaged in activities that can be added to your resume to influence employers later in placement drives. Do not forget to participate in the discussion to get into the limelight to get you ready for your future job responsibilities.

    Getting habituated to critical thinking is also significant to soar high with your learning attitude. Needless to say, sharing and exchanging knowledge with peers offer new perspectives to see the world, which may open the doors to new and better opportunities.
  • Working in a Group:
    Are you someone who has always been working on projects all by yourself? If yes, then it might be a bit challenging for you to work in teams throughout your MBA curriculum.

    Most business schools keep promoting a cooperative ambiance where students can learn from each other and boost their knowledge, skills, and expertise. That means students, who love to act bossy, need to learn how to act and work in a team and complete a project together.

    Alpha-type personalities may find it difficult to cope with the new situation. However, continuous improvement in their attitude can lead them to a better team member. And a better team player can prove to be a better leader in the future. Needless to say, employers evaluate all these qualities in a potential employee during recruitment drives.
  • Testing Innovative Business Ideas:
    Budding entrepreneurs get golden opportunities throughout their MBA curriculum in terms of testing their business ideas. Note that it might be challenging, in the beginning, to come up with and share your ideas with peers and professors.

    Nonetheless, you have to keep working to boost your confidence level to open up to others by giving feedback or sharing your scepticism. Ask as many questions as possible to your faculties to take your self-confidence to a new level. All these efforts would give you the desired courage to share and test your innovative business plans.

Challenges are there to make you a better individual. And when it comes to an MBA curriculum, you can gear yourself up as a competent professional by facing, addressing, and handling challenges.

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