THEME - Tussle for Merlion

In a sea town "Temasek" into the Lion City "Singapura", the mythical creature Merlion stands as an example of its beautiful transformation into today's global commerce hub. A Merlion is a symbol of pride with a head of the lion which signifies all the hardships that the town has overcome and a body of a fish which signifies survival of the city.

At Singapore, it is easy for a business to start off but the main challenge is to survive and rise above the competitors. Most legends undergo humble beginnings but the challenge lies in being resilient and overcoming the unexpected through sustainability and perseverance. Being agile to changes in today's world will increase the likelihood of tasting success. The clash among competitors and the best who survives gets to reach the final destination.

BUSINESS ENTREPRENEUR - The Clash for the Harbor Court

Ever wondered what the life of an upcoming entrepreneur or CEO really looks like? A mysterious journey through the world of corporate pirates and sailors in order to reach the harbor and thus conquer the island.

In Cranium 2017 business entrepreneur, is about creating a business plan with a perfect blend of every business aspect.

BEST MANAGER - The Clash for the Singapore Flyer

Managers inspire to dream more, learn more and do more. They know the way and they show the way.

The Best Manager event tests your leadership skills, stress handling skills, decision making, critical thinking, endurance and emotional intelligence.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - The Race for the Gardens by the Bay

Corporate social responsibility is not only about reducing and avoiding risks it's about generating sustainable profitable performance for people and our planet.

It is an opportunity to exhibit your ability to return to the society what you earn from it. Follow your ethics, work along the rules set and win the race for the Gardens by the Bay.

MARKETING - The Sparing for Sentosa

Innovate to survive; plan to sustain, make customers the hero of the story you're just about to create.

An event that forces the participants to think out of the box and to anticipate and be ready to out beat all the challenges that come their way. The one who creates is the one who evolves. The tongue is your best friend and the mind is your guide, use these to your advantage to win the sparing for Sentosa.

HUMAN RESOURCE - Reserve your place at The Marina Bay Sands

The boundary of HR does not end with hiring and firing. It is so much beyond that and who else would know better than an HR manager?

Human resource- the event revolves around various perceptions and conceptions.

The one who pleases climbs the ladder of success.

With the heart in your sleeve and strategies in contracts, the best combination of the two will manifest in reserving a place at The Marina Bay Sands.

BUSINESS QUIZ - The Battle for Ang Mo Kio

This event is designed to test your knowledge on current affairs and business packed with Brand name, logos, taglines and print ads that spread across on a global platform.

Cranium 2017 provides you opportunities to showcase your quizzing abilities and win The Battle for Ang Mo Kio.

OPERATIONS - The rush to reach the Changi Airport

Practice makes perfect.

The operations is about creating the highest level of efficiency possible with the given resources.

Cranium 2017, in rush, to reach the Changi Airport tests your ability to convert your vision into reality.

FINANCE - Three Coins in the Fountain

The battle can neither be initiated nor concluded without the right amount of coins in the treasury.

Keep your finances on point in order to increase your fountain of wealth.

It is not only about how well you manage money about also about your grip on today's economy.

The quickest to get three coins in the fountain is the one who achieves the target.