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THEME - Sands of Time
It all started from the Sands, the earth that we live today was once an ocean of land filled with Dunes of sand, and then started a revolution, a vision to turn the world into what we see today and it all happened within a dimension called "Time", which holds the power to either make your realities or break your realities.
Inspired by this fact, Cranium 2015 presents its theme for this year "Sands of Time" which allows it's participants to "Live the Magic" to go back in time and also experience a journey travelled once in a lifetime in thirst of adventure, wisdom, mystical powers from mythical times while facing moments which shall ignite your deepest fears.
Wear your armour, put up your shield and get ready for the carnage as the universe awaits its new ruling force and even "Time itself will Stop to watch this Ravage to see who rises above all realms and be its Master"


Sword of Ra - Number of Participants - 2

Business runs 24/7, day in and day out and it needs a beautiful mind who is aware and alert to catch all these games played in these spaces and then bend the game to work in their favor. Cranium 2015 is attracting minds who are sharp within their thoughts, know how to place their words right and are quick with their actions and we also provides an opportunity to you to catch hold of the mythical Sword of Ra, which empowers you to penetrate any competitions which is kept in front of you till you are the only person standing in this brutal battle of minds.

PH: Sankul Jain: +91 96630 66667
        Nikita Agarwal: +91 81978 47113

Hammer of Destiny - Number of Participants - 2

Number flopping, voice ticking, frequencies switching and all this hustle for one of the most powerful instrument in the world "Money".
Cranium 2015 seeks a professional who knows their numbers right and looks to run on a chase to unlock the supreme powers of the hammer of destiny to bang on the victory and send the waves through out the universe.

PH: Mohit Sarda: +91 96634 49441
        Visaka Bharti: +91 96326 45913


Knuckles of Kronos - Number of Participants - 2

They are the ideals, they are the creator, they are the operators and they are the destroyer themselves, and they are called "Humans"
Cranium 2015 is looking for a titan who is aspiring to change the entire working of the system into a more balanced life and fly to the farthest corner of the sky to reach out to open the powers locked within the "Knuckles of Kronos" and posses the strength strong enough to even move the planets to a brighter and happier work life.

PH: Rahil Ahamed: +91 99162 02717
       Sagar Paul: +91 81232 61267

Lancet of Dijin - Number of Participants - 2

If there is a space where a plan is lived to reality in business, then it is that zone where it is created, it the epicentre of the business, the spine of the company.
Cranium 2015 opens its door to people who carry intentions that are passionate about processes and have the courage to break through mountain and overcome storms in crunch situations, and the one who rises above all shall be deemed worth to lift the lancet of Dijin and be channelized with power that give you the will to change the way our realities operate.

PH: Rahul V: +91 99868 25129
        Md. Aaquib : +91 90035 19042

Spike of Darius - Number of Participants - 1

They live for their idea, they wrestle for their idea, they rest only in one condition, when they deliver their idea.
Cranium 2015 is calling out to all those souls who are MAD enough to live their dream with their eyes open, to live life under their own rules and make impossible, possible. We provide you with a window where you get to put your hands on the "Spike of Darius" and open wisdom that allows you to always have an plan hidden within your sleeve, and ultimately be one step ahead your competitors.

PH: Aniruddha Shetty : +91 80500 78367


Blades of Chaos - Number of Participants - 2

Being quiet is not the answer here, you got be on your toes, searching solutions for every question thrown, an information rush surging through your brain. You got be chaotic. You got to create Buzz.
Cranium 2015 provides a platform for wizards who love to make a moment and a chance to attain the Mighty Blades of Chaos which can allow a mortal to become a GOD, and as the saying goes "There is only one GOD".

PH: Bheru Kothari : +91 97417 11482
       Saurabh Jain : +91 97395 01507


Dagger of Time
A manager's whole day is spent in solving problems and looking at all possible outcomes, wouldn't it help them if they had more time in their hands. Cranium 2015 gives you an opportunity to unlock a power so great that even GOD is fearsome of it.
The power to control time itself and only one will possess a power this divine.
One who beats all the odd and fights through spaces and time to prove themselves as the Best Manager.

PH: Kevin Dsilva : +91 81479 33319
       Sai Swaroop : +91 90437 16369