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THEME - The Jade's Conquest
In the beginning of time, the earth was a very difficult place to live, much harsher than it is now. People had to deal with a variety of monstrous beings, and they did not have many gods to protect them. In addition, many powerful demons were defying the immortals of heaven. The Jade Emperor was an immortal who roamed the earth helping as many people as he could. He was saddened because his powers could only ease the suffering of humans. He retreated to a mountain cave to cultivate his Tao. He passed 3,200 trials, each trial lasting about 3 million years.
Inspired by this fact, Cranium 2016 presents its theme for this year “The Jade’s Conquest” which stimulates participants to go back in time and experience the journey of the emperor who roamed across the earth to utilize his healing power.

Get your robes ready, wear your hats and be prepared as the universe awaits your kingdom.


Tang Dynasty - Number of Participants - 1

Tang Dynasty dominated the lucrative trade through the Silk Road and maritime trade reached unprecedented heights. All this exposed China to many new technologies and cultural practices Ever wondered what makes you different from the rest? What gives you an extra edge over your equals? One needs to go beyond boundaries dictated by conventional business concepts. Are you the one who thrives on thinking out of the box? Do you believe that you can generate game changing ideas? Are you the one who can think of disruptive strategies to make a huge difference to the world?

If your answer is yes, then come and take the Silk Road (Route) to success. Cranium 2016 will provide an absolute head start towards the desired horizon. Showcase your extraordinary marketing skills and empower yourself to face any competitive scenario designed. Come and face the other able contenders for becoming the Trade Minister of Tang Dynasty and prove your worth to wear the Silk Robe.

PH: Sadhana Gajanan: +91 99805 72100
        Adarsh Shetty : +91 74116 26950

Song Dynasty- Number of Participants - 1

The Song Dynasty is described as the most financially advanced regime of its time, being the catalyst of economic revolution through its issue of paper currency.

Now it's your chance to bring about another reform in the economy. It requires number flopping, voice ticking, frequencies switching and more of this spiel for proliferation of "MONEY".

CRANIUM 2016, calls upon the contenders to fight and acquire their share, enhance it & de-throne its competitors, making the economy grow exponentially.

PH: Guru Sharan: +91 99015 16520
      Subhi Agarwal: +91 97398 94061


Qing Dynasty - Number of Participants - 1

The Qing Dynasty has a very ancient history which can be linked with Human Resources in numerous ways.

A Human Resources Manager should possess skills such as Organization, Multitasking, Negotiation, Communication, Team Work, Ethics, Problem Solving and Change Management; which were being used in Qing Dynasty back then in 1644 where they had started using skills like organizing to unite the military forces, multitasking to handle different campaigns, communication to express their thoughts across China to acquire it but they failed miserably only in one aspect i.e. "Team Work".

We are looking for a contestant who is aspiring to do something spectacular and has the courage to rise above and own the Human Resources Manager title.

PH: Ankita Deokar: +91 89717 05204
       Palden Moktan: +91-87227 97305

Qin Dynasty - Number of Participants - 1

The building of the Great Wall of China is one the largest operations undertaken in the history of mankind. It was accomplished during the Qin Dynasty.

The implementation required vision, strategy, planning, technical skills and execution that compass all elements of operations.

Cranium 2016 invites you to weave your magic and convert dreams into reality.

PH: Karthikeyan N : +91 99166 71978
        Hafeel Ahmed: +91 99529 53869

Zhou Dynasty - Number of Participants - 1

During the Zhou reign, iron casting technology began and bronze casting was perfected. Higher-quality iron weapons, chariots, ornaments, fortifications and copper coins were created. The concept of irrigation was also introduced, as was the engineering technology for waterways, drainage, dikes, dams and canals.

Do you have the skills which will make you the successor of "Zhou Dynasty"? Vision, resiliency, focus, ability to see the big picture, patience & networking! Then this is for you: the dreamers, the doers, the mavericks, the square pegs in the round hole.

Cranium 2016 will enable you to showcase your creativity, innovation, passion and entrepreneurial mind-set. Make a B- plan and bring your ideas to life!

PH: Preitham Jayaprakash: +91 96007 22226


Ming Dynasty - Number of Participants - 2

The Ming is described by some as "one of the greatest eras of orderly government and social stability in human history."

One of their many forte's including "encyclopaedic thinking". It is now your turn to build and conquer the great "Ming Dynasty".

You got to be alert; you got to survive and make your reflexes an ally. We shall test your mindfulness and decide how well you decipher the enigma of the Jade Empire.

Cranium 2016 gives you a plethora of opportunities to exhibit your inner quizzing skills and become the successor of the Mighty Jade Empire!

PH: Shyam Acharya: +91 95911 79828
       Mayank Singhal: +91 96865 06332


Han Dynasty- Number of Participants - 1

Han dynasty is considered a Golden Age in the Chinese history for none other than a rebel leader had carved it into an empire. One does not become an emperor always because destiny has decided so. An emperor fights and thrusts forward on the account of his resolve and tenacity.

This event tests your leadership skills, vision, critical thinking, ability to think on your feet, endurance and emotional intelligence. Do you have it in you? Cranium 2016 calls upon the rebels of today, the super fits, the gritty ones, to claim their accession to the throne of Best Manager. The only question remains is whether they will survive the bloodbath.

PH: Priyadarshita Shrivastava: +91 74069 06830
       Godhuli Shrivastava: +91 95381 33502


Shang Dynasty- Number of Participants : Beat Boxing – 1, Singing (Solo & Duet) - 1, Group Dance 4 - 6

As early as 7,000 - 8,000 years ago, Chinese ancestors had already started to dance and use it as part of their community activity. In the Shang period, dance became a main component of ceremonies involving prayers and worship. Court dance also started during that period.

Cranium 2016 gives an occasion to showcase your talent in the court of "Shang Dynasty" so be ready to sweep the floor with your best moves to impress the entire kingdom.

PH: Vignesh V: +91 95382 85275
       Shwetha S: +91 95917 41679


Sui Dynasty- Number of Participants - 1

The society during the Sui Dynasty was stable and peaceful which encouraged economic and political development.
“They say Karma is a vindictive mistress… What goes around, comes around which means we must be more aware to exercise our moral obligation to be more socially responsible in order to inspire enlightenment and ensure an equitable future.”

Cranium 2016 gives you this opportunity to present and showcase your creative business solutions for sustainability through social responsibility.

Together, we can help promote your business strategy to include CSR.

PH: Tanisha Jain: +91 77602 38484
       Ritu Pandey: +91 91085 69431