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Faculty Development Program (FDP) on Exploring Challenges and Opportunities in Finance Area

01 Jan 1970

The FDP and Conference Committee of CMS Business School, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) conducted a five-day virtual faculty development program (FDP) for the faculty members of the finance and general management areas. The title of the FDP was Exploring Challenges and Opportunities in Finance Area, and it took place from July 5, 2021, to July 9, 2021. The guest speaker was Dr. Siddharth Sankar Bose, Adjunct Faculty – Finance, CMS B School, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University). He has more than 35 years of rich experience in the corporate sector and academics.

On day one, Dr. Bose spoke on Green Finance - Recent Trends and Challenges. He discussed the options, planning, implementation, and challenges of green financing. Dr. Bose explained the respective roles of the government, organizations, and individuals in supporting green financing. He highlighted the gaps in the implementation of green financing. He further explained the terms like green tagging and greenwashing.

On day two, the session was delivered under the title, Revisiting Corporate Governance - A Practitioner’s View. Dr. Bose provided a basic understanding of corporate governance and highlighted the issues and challenges associated with the same. He further discussed the roles and responsibilities of auditors and organizations. He also touched upon topics like good corporate governance practices, governance themes, legal procedures, and the latest updates on CG practices.

On day three, the title for the session was Challenges and Opportunities in the Finance Area. In this session, Dr. Bose shed light on changing business scenarios and finance practices. The session also covered topics like business partnering, creating the mandate, fixing the information, talent deployment, banking industry, financial services industry, qualities of a new-age CEO, and skill development training for jobs in the finance domain.

On day four, the session was titled, Financial Services Industry 4.0. The session provided an understanding of Industry 4.0. Dr. Bose also offered an overview of the financial services industry in India and how Industry 4.0 is impacting the same. The other topics included umbrella banking, emerging threats, cybersecurity threats, regular and cyber frauds in financial services, and roles and responsibilities of an auditor in preventing frauds. The session also discussed the Satyam Financial Fraud and case study of PWC.

On day five, the session was delivered under the title, Optimizing Jobs in Finance. The session carried out a comparison between the job markets in the pre-Covid-19 era and the ongoing pandemic. The session focused on finding opportunities in the finance domain and talent development among students. The ideas like establishing finance clubs and promoting online jobs were encouraged. It also highlighted the importance of networking, leadership abilities, finding temporary jobs, and mentoring.

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