International Conference on 'Transformation through Innovation and Sustainable Practices to Build Competitive Advantage'

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About Conference

In the era of globalization, organizations need to gain competitive advantage by embracing transformation through innovation and sustainable practices. Organizations today not only need to be economically viable through the sustainable use of resources but also socially responsible to stakeholders in more visible and transparent ways. Organizations that design and implement socially responsible and environment-centric goals as core strategy, are uniquely placed in the global market enabling the businesses to achieve competitive advantage. Such businesses realign their key assets; such as people, technology and processes to lead innovation and change. Sustainability principles crafted by organization serve to maximize opportunities for meaningful and inclusive participation by stakeholder communities even while minimizing the adverse impact of their core operations on the environment, economy and future development. The International Conference on ‘Transformation through Innovation and Sustainable Practices to Build Competitive Advantage’ focuses on encouraging academicians, entrepreneurs, researchers, and practitioners to showcase research contributions that will help in generating newness of knowledge while complementing existing paradigms and frameworks that focus on the areas of transformation through innovation and sustainability.

Conference Theme
Innovation in organizations is the prerequisite for accomplishing transformation through sustainable practices that build competitive advantage. This conference aims to provide a global platform for corporates, academicians, and scholars to deliberate and present thought leadership on innovation and sustainable practice that can benefit corporations and society at large. We invite scholars to present their research papers that explore possibilities, challenges, and opportunities in innovation and sustainable development. The areas of research topics covered in this conference are: Marketing; Finance; Human Resources; General Management; Interdisciplinary and Cross-disciplinary fields.

Conference Tracks and Sub Themes

  1. Marketing Strategy and Technology Innovation for Global Competitiveness
  2. Leveraging Digital Marketing for Building Competitiveness
  3. Green Marketing as a Source of Competitive Advantage
  4. Value Creation through Sustainable Marketing Strategies
  5. Sustainable Consumption Patterns
  6. Disruptive Innovation for Transformation


  1. Financial Competiveness and Ethical Practices
  2. Fintech, Green Finance and Crowd Funding
  3. Innovative Practices in Financial Services
  4. Financial Inclusion and Sustainability
  5. Microfinance and Microcredit for Sustainability
  6. Stakeholder Rights, Financial Disclosure and Integrated Reporting

Human Resource Management

  1. Building Agile Organizations
  2. Sustainable HR strategies for ‘boundary less’ organizations
  3. Technology Transformation and Work Life Balance
  4. Knowledge Management and Competitive Advantage
  5. Green HRM for Sustainability
  6. Adopting Sustainable Alternatives in Industrial Relations

General Management

  1. Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Sustainable Business
  2. Business Transformation through Workspace Innovation
  3. Sustainable Innovation and Eco Entrepreneurship
  4. Innovation and Sustainability Metrics
  5. Sustainable Waste Management Approaches
  6. Lean Management and Agile Manufacturing Models for Competitiveness
  7. Sustainable Practices in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Interdisciplinary and Cross-Disciplinary

  1. Sustainable Design Thinking
  2. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
  3. Sustainable Growth through Inclusiveness
  4. Big data, IoT, Blockchain and Transformation
  5. Sociology, Social Innovation and Change
  6. Rethinking Communication, Media and Journalism
  7. Positive Psychology and Sustainability
  8. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Approaches for Competitiveness
  9. Business Process Optimization for Building Sustainability
  10. Role of ICT in Inclusiveness
  11. Environmental Economics and Sustainable Agricultural Practices