Placements Process

Orientation - Sharing information about the placement process, guidelines, major recruiters and previous years' statistics with the students. The orientation session is conducted by the Director – Placements or the Chief Placement Officer accompanied by the respective Dean, Director and faculties.

Data Capture - Data capture across various parameters would be done with all the students and this would help in the recruitment process. Hence, a consolidated Data Capture Format is used by the Career Advisory & Placement Services Team for capturing students’ data as per companies’ requirement.

Student Mapping - Interacting with the students and then, mapping them to the job opportunities. Based on mapping, the Career Advisory & Placement Services Team analyzes the interests of the students and invites the recruiters accordingly.

Placement Training - Every student who has applied for campus placements, will have to undergo the Campus Recruitment Leadership Training Program in association with the International Institute of Global Studies (IIGS). It includes In-house Training (Aptitude, Group Discussions and Mock Interviews, etc.), Guest Lectures, Workshops and Alumni Interaction.

Recruitment Process

Final Selection - Once the companies are done with the recruitment process, recruiters have to provide the final list of selected students at the end of the procedure. After confirmation from the recruiters, successful students would be communicated.

Celebrations - On reaching every milestone in the number of successful placements, we also celebrate their success with the faculties and classmates.