MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management, can also be considered as a capstone specialization. It need to be well understood by every entrepreneur and would be managers to achieve the competitive advantage in the marketplace. Knowledge, skill and strategies of supply chain management, when understood and applied helps enterprises to reduce cost, build supplier partnerships and efficiencies in company’s upward and downward supply chains.

A strong foundation in concepts, practical exposure and design skills will help students to design supply chain for any industry by identifying and understanding specific customer needs. Supply Chain Management is a market mediation tool which physically links suppliers-production-storage-transportation, which also focuses on new information technology, architecture, enterprise services for building strategic supplier “partnering for success”.

Students will learn to apply core methodologies (probability, statistics, optimization) used in supply chain modeling and analysis, models to make trade-offs between forecasting, inventory, and transportation, design supply chain networks, technology use within supply chains; ERP software systems, impact of capacity utilization on throughput time under demand variability, managing uncertainty & risks in the supply chain, Industry best practices from leading practitioners and understand how supply chains act as systems and interact, and manage end to end supply chain management.

Managers and Entrepreneurs, both in Service and Manufacturing Organizations, with sound knowledge and application of Supply Chain Management skills can make a difference to their enterprises’ success, competitive and financial performance through supply chain surplus.

Value Proposition

Learn-Work-Learn concept
Students will get an opportunity to work with JGI ventures or CMS identified partner companies and demonstrate their skills by offering solutions in Supply Chain Management areas.

Assessments will be made on project feasibility by a company representative and by an assigned faculty mentor.

Career Opportunities
This integrated course provides a knowledge of all functional areas of an organization. Students can choose this course to prepare themselves basically as an entrepreneur or to pursue professional career in the corporates as logistics analysts, sourcing specialists, global supply analysts, purchasing managers etc. Students can look forward to opportunities in small to large organizations across all industry sectors broadly in areas like – Operations Management, Procurement / Purchase and Inventory Management, IT & ERP, Logistics and Purchasing, Manufacturing Ops, Sales and Marketing, Strategic Sourcing, SRM, CRM and even in HRM.