MBA in Operations and Systems Management

A program in Operations and Systems Management focuses on the aspect of planning and managing an efficient system right from the production of goods and services to their ultimate delivery. The objective of the program is to minimize the production cost and to maximize the profit, output and quality of the goods and services produced. Students will be introduced to a broad range of subjects a few which are Operations Management, Total Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Project Management, Business Analytics, Service Operations Management, Technology Management and Industrial Innovation.

Value Proposition:
An operations management student is made to understand the entire cycle of a product and how to streamline it to ensure optimum utilization of resources. The course teaches students to analyze market trends, influence of industries in different domains, forecast demand and work on inventory management besides understanding policies made by the government. Apart from this, students also gain practical understanding of the various fixed and variable costs involved in the business processes through internships, industrial tours and even projects.

Career Prospects
With a rapid growth in the manufacturing and services sector of the country, numerous job opportunities have opened up for successful postgraduates of the course in a variety of manufacturing industries such as automobiles, engineering goods, heavy machinery, iron-steel and other metal industries, chemical and fertilizer, telecom, IT and energy sectors, services industries etc. They are also hired in IT- enabled service companies as Production Managers. Lucrative job opportunities are offered to such postgraduates such as Store Manager, Production Manager, Manufacturing / Production Executive, Material Manager etc.