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Happiness – Just a State of Mind or Much More?

01 Sep 2021

JAIN (Deemed-to-be University), CMS Business School, Centre for Executive Education and Entrepreneurship Development (CEE & ED) organized an online professional development program titled Nurturing Happiness - A Life of Happiness and Well Being on August 5, 2021. Dr. Monoo John, Associate Professor and Head, Centre for Executive Education and Entrepreneurship Development (CMSBS-CEE & ED), took the onus of organizing the event. The keynote speaker for the session was Ms. Suparna Ghosal, Adjunct Faculty - CMS Business School.

Ms. Ghosal, in her speech, focused on emotions and feelings along with shedding light on the Happiness Equation. Her session focused on how self-awareness leads to emotional well-being and how human behavior and patterns are associated. She also highlighted the significance of happy employees for the growth and welfare of an organization. She said, “The million-dollar question is, do happy people make a happy organization or happy organizations make happy people.” While talking about change and emotional struggle, she said, “We don’t just struggle with change. We struggle with the losses that come with change.” Emotional Contagion (EQ) served as one the most integral parts of the whole session. Ms. Ghosal said, “When you are aware of your feelings, then your EIQ is robust.” One of the interesting observations shared during the session was that happiness depends on genetics, the internal state of mind, and circumstances.

The event aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of happiness and discovering how to be significantly happier. The event welcomed feedbacks and included an interactive Q&A session. The attendees were provided certificates of participation. Overall the event was a success and offered valuable insights on happiness, emotional well-being, ideal organizational behavior, employee welfare and its impact on the organization, and the significance of a positive environment. The takeaway of the innovative and interactive session delivered by Ms. Ghosal was if you want to be happy, focus on yourself first.

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