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Movie Screening and Panel Discussion

24 Sep 2018

CMS Business School, Jain (Deemed-to-be-University) organized a Movie Screening and Panel Discussion on 20 September 2018.

September is recognized as the month of Suicide prevention awareness all over the world. The event along with the panel discussion was organized to spread the awareness among the students in CMS Business School. The program also celebrated the decriminalization of section 377 in India, a great recognition for the LGBT community who can now lead a respectful and normal life. More than 100 students from first-year MBA attend the event.

The event started with a brief topic followed by a movie screening. The movie selected was “A Single Man”, based on a novel by Christopher Isherwood. Most of the action takes place over the course of a single day in Los Angeles in the early '60s when being gay was socially disapproved. The film emphasizes over the issue of discrimination. It is apparent that George and Jim had a very real and loving relationship no matter what 1960s America thought. Their love story is contrasted to the next-door neighbors. The movie ends with the protagonist changing his mind about suicide and declaring to have found the reason to live but eventually suffering a heart attack which takes his life.

Panel Discussion

List of Panelists
  • 1. Dr. Uma Warrier, Chief Counselor
  • 2. Mrs. Supriya Christopher, Counselor
  • 3. Mr. Sushanth Podival, Alumni
  • 4. Mr.Ajaath Kankar, Student
  • 5. Ms.Neha Menon, Student
  • 6. Ms. Pallavi, Moderator for the panel

The panelists were of the opinion that the decriminalization in India was a milestone to mark in the history and that can help people have more meaningful and better relationship. Talking about the suicide awareness, they said that taking help and talking about it to others might help the sufferer come out of pain and survive suicide rather dwell about the happenings. Questions from the audience were received and answered effectively by the panelists regarding the impact of these ideas on the future generation.


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