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Program 'Attitude of Gratitude' Held

20 Mar 2018

Due to multiple interests and distraction, today's generation is unable to develop the attitude of gratitude which is increasingly becoming a waning virtue.

Realizing this, Vishwas, a wing of CMS Business School had organized a week-long program titled 'Developing an Attitude of Gratitude' on 18 March 2018 to make the stakeholders to understand and develop positive emotions like empathy and sense of gratitude.

A week long drive was planned with multiple activities listed under 'Challenge of the Day' in which the students are motivated to take part. First challenge of the week was 'Make me bloom' wherein the students can write a sentence of gratitude that they want to express to others who made difference to their life. Other challenges lined up for the students are Make a card for your favorite teacher, Wave and wish at least 5 new people, Sit by someone new at lunch, Thank someone for something they have been doing, and Help someone before they ask etc.

The activities were aimed at practically involving students in doing things rather than making them listen to the guest session so that they learn by doing than hearing. Students and staff of the campus enthusiastically took part in the drive and lent their hand in achieving the objective of the drive.


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