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Training Program on Enhancing Health This Women's Day

16 Mar 2021

CMS Business School, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) conducted Counsellor’s training program on Enhancing a Better Bodily Health by FPA, India on March 6th 2021.

The training program was an initiative by the FPA, India in collaboration with VISHWAS, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University).  The program aimed to that equip and train the counselors with skills needed to address issues on women’s reproductive fitness and how to achieve and maintain a healthy body.

The Guest Speakers for the session were, Dr. Meenakshi Bharath (Cart Fertility IVF clinic, Gynecologist & Fertility Specialist), Dr. Shaibya Saldanha (Gynecologist & Cofounder of Enfold).

 Both the key speakers spoke on women’s genealogical health, personal hygiene, body positivity, and adolescence, (PCOS)- Symptoms, Causes, Myths & Facts, the importance of physical fitness, and nutritious diet to maintain a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

VISHWAS counselors from different campuses along with Counsellors from various universities/ schools attended the session both online and offline. The event was highly informative, insightful and received great positive feedback from the participants.

The coordinators for the event were, Dr. Uma Warrier, Professor & Area Chair, Chief Counsellor, Jain (deemed-to-be-university), and Ms. Dikshita Bafna, Project lead of establishing sexual and reproductive health centers at universities.

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