Swachhata Pakhwada - Best Out of Waste Competition

Student Council and the CSR team of CMS Business School, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) organized Swachhata Pakhwada - Best out of Waste Competition on 27 January 2020 to encourage the students to come up with creative ways to utilize/ recycle waste. 

Waste disposal and management is one of the crucial concerns of our society. On average, a person generates at least 450 grams of waste per day, which gets magnified with the population, especially for a country such as India. Waste management of such magnitude can be curbed only if citizens share the responsibility with the formal authorities like municipality, which otherwise would be difficult if either party takes the complete onus of it. Hence, a sustainable solution requires all the stakeholders of a society to come together and join hands in order to achieve the objective of a cleaner and healthy environment. 

Objectives of the Activities:

A total of 2 hours were allocated to the participants to create or produce creative items out of waste collected from the campus, household and neighborhood. The competition was evaluated by 2 judges before whom all the teams presented their models while explaining the thought behind and utility of the items created.

List of winners 
1st Position: Rojit Shah, Neeraj Gautam, Mukesh Prajapati
2nd Position: Ajay Shivanal, Asha Shah, Babita Shah, Kritika Godia, Aditya Singh, Meenal
3rd Position: Benson Philip, Ankitha Merin John, Judis Elezabath Joseph, Haafis Musthafa, Dilma P, Varshitha N