MBA in Banking, Finance and Allied Services

MBA in Banking and Finance combines the study of modern economics with banking and finance. Over the past 20 years, we have seen banks and financial markets become increasingly globalized. This professionally accredited course combines academic rigor with practical financial skills to meet the needs of demanding careers in banking and finance. The program will also equip students with essential research, analytical and critical thinking skills which will introduce them to a broad range of subjects such as banking, financial intermediation, asset and liability management, financial decision making, financial markets and institutions, and accounting. This wide range of topics will give an in-depth understanding of the way that organization and financial systems work.

Value Proposition

Career Opportunities

MBA in Banking and Finance will prepare you for a career in the private sector, including banking and finance, and in central banking and regulatory agencies. The knowledge gained here at the CMS Business School will also equip students with the research techniques that are vital to postgraduate study.

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