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Crafting the Post-COVID bounce back

The first session of the Manthan national webinar series on “Crafting the Post-COVID bounce back” was organized on 23rd May 2020. Mr. Arun Kumar, General Manager & Global Consulting, Head of Retail, Distribution & Transportation vertical at Wipro, was the keynote speaker for the session.

Mr. Arun Kumar began by describing the backdrop of the pandemic and the imminent role of Indian organizations in contributing to the rebuilding of the economy with particular reference to the retail sector.

Digital Economy and its implications on HR: Post COVID-19

7th webinar of the series, held on 19th June 2020 on the topic “Digital Economy and its implications on HR: Post COVID-19”, was hosted by Dr. Kabaly P Subramanian from Arab Open University, based in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

Prof Kabaly began the session with the story of Spencer Johnson’s “Who moved my Cheese” concerning COVID-19 and its aftermath. He discussed the components of Digital platforms, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with its technological pillars, the shift towards Asia, and the power of the Internet and social interactions. He also emphasized on the trend of sharing with existing technology instead of creating one. The concept of the change of employment with the emergence of the Gig economy was elaborated with on-demand employment. The second half of the session was focused on discussing the HR trends and practices post COVID-19.

Light the Fire in Yourself

Mrs. Aruna M. Katara, President - International Institute of Information Technology, Pune hosted an enlightening online session on the topic "Light the Fire in Yourself" on 13th June 2020. The session commenced with the speaker narrating her life journey including the challenges she faced being a woman hailing from a conservative business family.

As the session advanced, she underlined how even the smallest contributions and sacrifices helps in creating a better society. When one can tap into the depths of what they hold and uncover the magnitude of one’s inner strength, they are then ready to rekindle the fire within them to change, transform and lead a successful happy life.

National Webinar Series: Atmanirbhar Bharat

The sixth Webinar of the Manthan National Webinar series on ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ was organized on 17th June 2020. The panel consisted of distinguished scholars and thinkers from CMS Business School who primarily focused on the economic, legal, and social aspects of the campaign.

The session began with Dr. Ranjith P V proffering a brief overview of the subject in discussion followed by insights from Dr. Ajay Massand on the liquidity –monetary measures and the Atmanirbhar Stimulus package. Prof M. K. Lodhi gave an in-depth discourse on the land and law-related reforms while Dr. Lubna Ambreen presented the social security measures initiated by the Central Government and the contributions of India’s socially responsible companies

Self-Compassion and Resilience - Emotional Intelligence Strategies during Adversities

With Dr. Uma Warrier, Area Chair, Professor (OB & HRM), and Chief Counselor and Dr. Monoo John, Associate Professor as the keynote speakers, CMS B School conducted a national level webinar on “Self-Compassion and Resilience – Emotional Intelligence Strategies during Adversities” on 11th June 2020. The session started with Dr. Warrier explaining the concept of adversity, the various facets of the self, and the components of self-compassion. Dr. Monoo John gave an apt perspective on resilience and the dimensions associated with it while emphasizing its relevance in times like these.

In a gist, the webinar highlighted the importance of practicing resilience daily to maintain one’s emotional, physical well-being, and composure in the face of change and anxiety.

International Entrepreneurship Webinar

A webinar on “International Entrepreneurship” was hosted on 03rd June by Dr. Elizabeth Rose, Professor, and Chair- International Business at the University of Leeds.

The session began with the speaker articulating the context of International Entrepreneurship, in terms of technological advances and cultural awareness, giving access to untapped foreign markets. She also explained to the students and faculty in participation about the internalization perspective literature with engaging illustrations of small and medium firms and the enormous impact of international business in newly set up organizations.

Furthermore, she spoke in detail about the new research that has emerged in the field of international entrepreneurship.

COVID-19: Implications for Business and Liquidity Management

As a part of Manthan National Webinar Series, a webinar was conducted on the topic "COVID-19: Implications for Business and Liquidity Management". The resource person for the event was Mr. John Shelton R. He began the session by highlighting the aspects of the Macro Economy in the Pre-COVID phase and the challenges faced during and after the post-COVID period such as: reduction of the fiscal deficit, spreading expenditure, inflating GDP which is in the negative. From the bifurcation of the 80 Trillion dollars of World Economy to the critical indicators of the macro economy, he proceeded to discuss the COVID implications of Fiscal and Monetary stimulus.

The Retailing Landscape during COVID-19: What has changed and what remains the same

As a part of the Manthan National Webinar Series, a webinar was conducted on the topic “The Retailing Landscape during COVID-19: What has changed and what remains the same” The resource person for this event was Srinivas Rao, and Aamir Ahmed. Mr. Srinivas started the session by highlighting the consumer attributes. He then discussed the clothes and Footwear online categories and more specifically, the Indian fashion shopper with a focus on the gender types and changing market dynamics post covid-19.

The next speaker was Mr. Aamir Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer, Bimal Auto. He elaborated on the Indian auto industry, the car buyer’s journey post-COVID, insights on the customer, and the industry. He also discussed the automobile sales of the last two calendar years, the preference for body types, and the triggers of the car purchase. The final section was related to the challenges of post-COVID.

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