MBA in Human Resources(HR)

An MBA in Human Resource Management is a highly in-demand postgraduate degree and mostly preferred by students. Moving beyond good interpersonal skills, the course provides students with the in-depth knowledge to recruit, select, train, evaluate and compensate employees. Learners learn how changes in the workplace, such as governmental regulations, global competition, developing technologies and organizational transformations influence the performance and productivity of workers.

They are equipped with skills, knowledge, and attitude to acquire, develop, motivate and sustain human resources for competitive advantage. Students are honed with technical knowledge and practical skills for dealing with a multicultural workforce. The specialization offers students with new ideas on leadership and effective tools for managing human resources. The specialization also offers professional certification programs that facilitate graduates accelerated learning, and provide them an edge in employability. The specialization area includes an organization study and a field-based industry internship program.

Value Proposition

Career Opportunities

Students who specialize in human resource management pursue careers that involve acquisition, development, and retention of high-quality employees. This includes staffing, planning, recruitment and selection of employees, training, and development, performance management, leadership, compensation and benefits administration, employee relations and employee health and safety and security.

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CMS Business School’s Collaboration with SHRM

CMS Business School, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) in collaboration with Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) India mentors and trains students to take the SHRM Certified Professionals (SHRM CP) Global Certification, the most coveted HRM certification for HRM professionals. Jain CMS-B School has embedded and fully aligns with the content of the SHRM certification in the MBA core HR program. Jain CMS B-School, through its SHRM Scholarships, sponsors the SHRM-CP certification exam for selected MBA Core HR students after a phase-wise selection process. Students are mentored and trained to take up the SHRM-CP Examination with resources and access to the SHRM LMS System. Of course, each student is responsible for meeting the criteria of SHRM including passing the certification examination.

SHRM Global Certification
Founded in 1948, the mission of SHRM is to serve and advance the profession of HRM. SHRM believes in providing future ready skills to HRM executives / students by providing extensive research-driven HRM education programs. By partnering with SHRM India, Jain CMS B-School has obtained access to contemporary knowledge which is globally relevant ensuring that the HR Core students are upbeat with the latest trends and breakthroughs in the HR Domain which will in-turn create value for the businesses or organizations.