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Dual Specialization MBA Programs – A New Age Degree

17 Aug 2021

In today’s competitive world, it is of utmost importance for MBA graduates to have skills that will enable them to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to do this is to pursue a dual specialization MBA program. Such programs offer dual specializations, which are highly desired by recruiters as they look for people who can handle a lot of responsibilities and bring in experience from two different functional areas.

What is Dual Specialization MBA Program?

The dual specialization MBA is a two-year post-graduate program. The program focuses on offering students skills that will help them take up attractive positions in industry, trade, commerce, and other services. The dual specialization MBA program emphasizes on professional skills of the students in various ways. It is done both systematically and creatively to improve business and management practices.

The program offers specific training to students and empowers them to work with self-determination and have an innovative mind. In addition to this, students are equipped with skills that they can use to apply the knowledge they have learned and in general contribute to business and society as a whole. The dual specialization MBA program offers students various career options, like accounting, business technologies, communications, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, operations management, organizational leadership, etc.

Duration of the Program

The dual specialization MBA is a two-year degree program with equal emphasis on two separate verticals. The program offers a Master’s degree in two different concentrations.

Why should you pursue an MBA?

Below are the top reasons as to why you should consider pursuing an MBA:

  1. Higher salary package: Individuals with an MBA degree have better chances of being hired and getting a better salary package than individuals without an MBA degree. The differences in the salary packages are also evident. This is mainly because the MBA degree holder will be much more capable of handling business and managerial roles.
  2. Start your venture: Many MBA degree holders can fulfill their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs. The MBA degree will provide the requisite knowledge and practice needed to develop and operate one’s own business. In MBA programs, one is taught business management, planning, handling of finances, and managing the business efficiently and effectively.
  3. Better job prospects: An MBA program provides various options for graduates to explore their interests. There are many core areas for students to pursue their studies, including human resources, technology and information systems, finance, and economics.
  4. Better networking: Meeting new people is one of the advantages of pursuing an MBA degree. This helps in building and expanding your professional network, which can always come in handy. Interactive programs are part and parcel of an MBA program, where students get a chance to meet alumni and prominent leaders of various industries, which proves beneficial for their future.
  5. Enhances knowledge: An MBA degree provides an in-depth view of the business world, enabling students to pursue their dreams without looking back. Business decision-making is something that the individuals pursuing an MBA degree are taught in their courses, and thus they have no trouble in taking calculated decisions and risks with confidence.
  6. Boosts communication skills: Pursuing an MBA degree boosts students’ communication skills and teaches them to communicate clearly and specifically. Students are taught how to effectively put down their thoughts and opinions which makes them create effective presentations that can be of immense significance in the business world.
  7. Personality development: The change in the personality of an MBA student is visible almost immediately after the program commences. A new outlook and impressive communication skills are just some of the highlights that one can see in an MBA student’s personality. There is no doubt that one’s perception towards life and business gets altered for the better after completing an MBA degree.

Advantages of Dual Specialization in MBA

  1. Market Trends: Throughout the businesses, market trends drive the careers of students. In such cases, a dual specialization opens up varied avenues for students in various areas of business. With the diverse skills acquired in the dual specialization program, market trends can be an opportunity for development rather than a hindrance in your path to success.
  2. Job Security: When you are skilled in more than one field, there are higher chances of being employed and having a secure job. Having job security enhances one’s work performance and gives more confidence to survive in the harshly competitive world.
  3. Networking: The dual specialization MBA allows students to work on their professional network, build connections, communicate effectively, and helps them become good entrepreneurs, leaders, and team players.
  4. Versatility: A dual specialization program allows a student to explore more diverse career options. Having options is always good, as it helps you make calculated decisions and choices based on your interests. Dual specialization program graduates are better equipped with industry-specific skills and have the upper hand over management graduates with a single specialization.
  5. Entrepreneurial Edge: A dual specialization degree empowers students with knowledge of different kinds of specializations. These are the situations where they learn to tackle critical situations that go a long way in helping them in their future career.

In conclusion, a dual specialization MBA degree takes the already beneficial MBA program to another level and adds even more advantages to it with a variety of skills, knowledge, business handling capabilities, and many more rewards that help students pursue careers of their choice. Aspiring students need to look no further than a dual specialization MBA for a successful career.

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