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How Can I Write An Attractive Resume For My MBA Application

08 Nov 2022

A well-rounded resume plays a vital role in getting admission into the top business schools for pursuing the MBA, or Master of Business Administration. Providing a quick snapshot of your persona and experience, your resume creates the very first impression on the admission authorities and becomes a major deciding factor for your admission.

Though, both the MBA application resume and the common professional resume explain qualifications and experience, the difference mainly lies in the purpose of the content. The MBA application resume should summarize the applicant’s relevant experience, business skills and quantifiable results as well.

If you want your MBA application resume to stand out, ensure following the tips mentioned below.

How to Write a Captivating MBA Application Resume
Spend words wisely
Make sure to use short sentences instead of longer ones. Keeping your content brief and crisp will help you explain your resume in a better way. Choose words wisely and stick to the mantra of ‘word economy’!

Start with recent achievements, experience & activities
Follow the chronological structure in your resume. That is, always mention your current qualification and experience first. Also, sort out content and choose to write only what is relevant, impressive and unique.

Highlight your impact instead of responsibilities or duties
Instead of simply mentioning about your skills, quality, or experience, talk what positive impact or outcome you achieved for a company or organization. In case, you are a fresh graduate and do not have any work experience, mention qualities or skills that can be put to use in the business management field. The same is explained in the point hereafter.

Show your leadership qualities & business skills
The business world demands and prefers candidates who have the right set of skills needed for business management. Hence, showcase your skills that align with this purpose. Be it your effective negotiation skills, research skills, financial management, leadership qualities or organizational competencies, presenting the apt skill set for the management domain will definitely make your resume stand out.

Emphasize unique and relevant traits
It is quite obvious to understand that just like you many other candidates will also apply for top business schools. Hence, what makes the actual difference is creating a unique MBA application resume that stands out from other applicants. Talking about experiences or traits that are relevant as well as unique will definitely catch the attention of the admission board or recruitment authorities.

Do not use any cliché or jargon
Avoid using jargon or cliché anywhere in your resume. Using jargon or cliché not only confuses the concerned authority but also makes a bad impression. Instead, stay straightforward and present your info and experience in a meaningful manner.

Wrapping Up
There is no doubt that one can expect the desired results by implementing all the above tips in his or her MBA application resume. Nonetheless, you can also take the help of professional resume writers who will create an impressive resume according to your expectation.

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