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Top Entrepreneurial Options For MBA Students And Postgraduates

18 Jan 2023

After completing the MBA, most people opt for a high-paying job at an MNC or a small firm. Very few MBA graduates think of becoming the black sheep, i.e., being entrepreneurs and starting their businesses.

It is not easy to launch a business of your own. Although it may sound fancy and inspiring, it has many ordeals and risks. However, a startup empowers not only the entrepreneur himself but also the entire society- either through the innovative product or service they are offering or employment.

So, for those MBA aspirants or pursuers thinking of starting their own business, we have come up with some lucrative entrepreneur ideas for your dream project!

Consulting Business

Business consultancy is an interesting field you can choose if you are interested in the advisory business. There are different kinds of consultants that you can choose to become based on your area of interest:

  1. Management Consulting – You can provide information and solutions to smaller companies on ways to streamline their processes and aid in decision-making. You will be in ‘high demand’ and become ‘manager’s manager.’
  2. Digital Marketing Consulting - Digital marketing is a hot topic these days. With several firms choosing digital means of selling their products and services through social media and the internet, this area of consultancy can be a good choice for your startup plan. 
  3. Finance Consulting – Many firms look out for consultants who can guide them to streamline finances and related compliances. A finance consulting firm can be a great idea for your business. 
  4. Advertisement Consulting - If you have an MBA in marketing, this line of business can be helpful for you. Many small and medium companies do not have enough budget to hire advertising or PR employees and may require external help. An advertising consultant can be a respite to such companies. 
  5. Admissions consulting – Many candidates are often clueless about the right type of MBA programme and how it can help their career. Therefore, an admission consultant who knows the lucrativeness of MBA programmes, the benefits, cracking placements, interviews, and coping with the MBA curriculum can be a valuable asset to those students. 

Business Advisors

Many would-be and existing entrepreneurs are often clueless about how to make their businesses take flight. Some don’t possess MBA knowledge, and some don’t know how to implement the knowledge. Business advisor utilizes their years of experience and knowledge in the corporate field to help these entrepreneurs draw a business plan and move to success.


Blogging is a trend these days. If you are good at public speaking, you can become a blogger to impart knowledge on business and related topics with the help of audio or audio and visual podcasts and reels. You can create an impressive blogging site or an engaging social media account to gain followers.


If you like writing and can express your thoughts well, you can write your book. This can be fictional storytelling, or you can write about the dynamics of the business world. You can either publish this as a hard copy or release it as an eBook on Amazon.


As the current market scenario is very competitive, selling your product on an e-commerce platform can give you an edge over others at a cost-effective range.

So, if you have big dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, you must not stop at them. But, these dreams can be converted to reality only with proper training and skill enhancement. The right MBA programme will help you learn about the science of business to fuel your entrepreneurial dreams.

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