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Dalal Street 2023: Diving into the history of Bombay Stock Exchange

05 May 2023

CMS Business School organised ‘Dalal Street 2023’, an event that provided hands-on experience to students about the working of stock market before the advent of electronic trading. 222 students from 12 different institutes participated in the event held on 21st April under the guidance of Dr Rajiv U Kalebar.

The idea behind organising ‘Dalal Street 2023’ was to allow the students to learn about the open outcry system of the stock market. Under this method, traders would shout out their bids and offers in a trading pit to buy or sell stocks. In order to give them a real-life experience of this system, students were asked to play the role of brokers and dealers. A trading floor was set up with multiple trading pits and students were given a set to stocks that they had to trade while negotiating the prices with other traders using verbal cues and hand signals.

‘Dalal Street 2023’ was a golden opportunity for the students to understand how the stock market functioned in its early days as well as channelise the skills stock traders used back then. The event turned out to be a great success since students learnt about the complexities of stock trading and the importance of communication and negotiation skills in the trading process. Students also got an opportunity to learn about the history of Bombay Stock Exchange and how it has evolved over the years.  

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