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CMS Business School Organises a Guest Lecture on Stock Market Trading

25 Apr 2023

The CMS Business School organised an Industry Immersion activity on “Stock Market Trading using Technical Analysis” on 24th February 2023. The objective of the session was to teach students to identify emerging trends in the market and develop strategies to capitalise on them. The talk also aimed to educate the students on utilising multiple tools and techniques to identify and track trading opportunities. The intent behind organising the session was to allow the students to analyse price movements and trading volume to identify short-term and long-term trend reversals.

The lecture was conducted by Mr. Kushal Jain, the co-founder of Algofox, which is a trading platform for retail traders and investors in India. Mr. Jain has been in the trading business for over 11 years and has created portfolio management solutions for HNI prop desk traders. He also specialises in the automation of trades using an algorithm and has trained over 10,000 individuals in trading and investing. He has been recognised by Zee Business for his contribution to the trading industry.

Mr. Kushal Jain has acted as guest faculty in 40+ colleges with the intention of teaching students about the basics of technical analysis in trading. His lecture at Jain University helped the students understand the various tools and techniques required in technical analysis. He educated the participants on interpreting the price movements of stocks and other securities as a way to make informed trading decisions. Through the session, students become familiar with various chart patterns and indicators that help identify market trends and predict future price movements. Mr. Jain talked about the best practices in risk management and money management that are crucial while trading based on technical analysis. He also shared his experience in acquiring the skills needed to create and track one’s own technical analysis models and strategies.

Students were excited about a lecture from an industry expert and participated with great enthusiasm. They were happy to learn trading secrets from Mr. Kushal Jain and applauded his efforts in making people aware of the importance of technical analysis. Overall it was a unique learning experience for the students that turned out to be a great success.

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